Choosing the right ring sizes is never an easy task, especially if the item you want to buy is for a gift.

If you are undecided about which ring size is the right one and you don't want to make a mistake, Martina offers you two guide methods that can help you understand which is the correct size to buy.

There are several ways to understand which is the right size for your ring, you can choose from those we propose the method with which you are most comfortable.

In this way, after finding the ring sizes that are right for you, you can choose the female or male model you like best and proceed with the purchase in a more relaxed way. Follow our advice, we are about to provide you with all the information you need to choose the right size ring for you.

One of the fastest ways, and which will allow you to choose the ring size without making a mistake, is to calculate the circumference of a ring you already own, the other method instead of checking the circumference of your finger to find the corresponding ring size.

We offer you two PDF files then two methods that will allow you to check the size of the rings you have and the other to check the circumference of your finger so that you can choose the right size for you. Each model, in fact, is available in different sizes and it is important to choose the one of the finger on which you are going to wear the ring.

Print our file on an A4 format and, after checking that the scale set is correct, you can proceed with the measurement of the rings. You can choose to use one of the two methods or if you can we recommend that you use both to check that your Ring Size is the same with both methods.

The procedure is very simple:

  • Choose the ring you wear most often. The ring must fit well without tightening. Since the finger of each hand is slightly different, the ring that is chosen must be suitable for the finger in which the ring is to be placed;

  • Place the ring on the circles of the table. The inside of the ring must coincide with the circle. If in doubt, choose a larger size.

  • If a ring falls between two sizes, we recommend using the larger one. The fingers, in fact, can swell during the day.

Method for checking the size of a ring you already have click here.


Method to measure the circumference of the finger click here.